Beyond Time

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Shabbat and festivals according
to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.
Kiddush. Havdalah. Shabbat meals. Matzah. The Seder.
Yom Kippur. Shofar…how does all this pertain to me?
How do I connect to it? Beyond Time sheds new light on the familiar.

תיאור מוצר

Endorsement from Harav Hagaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Grossman shlit"a, Dayan and Moreh Tzedek at Harav Haga'on Rav Nissim Karelitz Shlit"a's Beit Din in Bnei Brak.

Bs"d. 21 Adar

It is with joy that I briefly address the wonderful words of my colleague and friend Harav Erez Moshe Doron Shlit"a, who studied at our kollel for a number of years, and now dedicates himself to spreading faith in Hashem and love of Torah in a pleasant manner, to illuminate it for those who are removed from its light.

And anyone who has fear of heaven his words are accepted and influence any listening heart, and from above he should merit to teach and to bring closer many families to the holy Torah and the keeping of the Mitzvot.

And just as his power is with his mouth, may Hashem bless him with the work of his hands, that he has merited that his writings and books have been eagerly accepted even by those who have never merited the light of truth.

And now he has written an entire book to explain in clear, pleasant language, which enters the heart, about the holidays and special occasions, to explain their purpose according to the greats of chassidut and mussar from past generations. And this book is filled to capacity with lights and pearls of mussar, awakening and strengthening in working him that is blessed.

And even if the writings hint to sublime and lofty notions of holiness, he has succeeded with much effort and toil to create paths into the heart, to bring one closer to emotions of holiness and fear of holiness and the sublime secrets that are hidden and hinted in every detail of the halachot and the matters of the times and occasions and the holy customs of Israel whose source is from the holiness above, and anyone with a wise heart will listen and absorb the sparks of light contained in this book.

And the main thing he is dedicated to is to awaken the weak hearts to keep the Torah out of love and devotion for the eternal one.  And I therefore encourage him to continue his holy endeavors that sanctify the name of heaven in public. And to bless him that he merit many more years of disseminating the light of Torah and mitzvot, with a breadth of mind that comes through holiness, until the coming of the great fearsome day, and a new light will shine upon Zion in the coming of the righteous savior soon in our says.

In honor of Torah and those who are G-d fearing,

Shlomo Zalman Grossman

Endorsement of the Rabbi and chassid Harav S. Moshe Kramer shlit"a, Jerusalem.

Bs"d, Tuesday, 26 Adar תשנ"ח

To my friend the Rav and exalted chassid, our teacher, Harav Erez Moshe Doron shlit"a

Greeting, peace and all the best forever.

I was very pleased and derived much spiritual pleasure in reading your new manuscript which is ready for print, entitled 'Beyond Time'. Its purpose is to shed light upon the times of the year, the holidays, celebrations, months and occasions, with the clear holy light of  Rabbenu the 'flowing stream source of wisdom' may his merit shield us. As he showed us in his holy book 'Likutei Moharan', and according to the explanations and writings of our master, our teacher and rabbi, Harav Natan may his merit shield us, amen, In his books of 'Likutei Halachot'.

You have succeeded in phrasing the issues in the simple language of the people and their concepts, to well forth from the springs, to shed the good light, to give them a taste of the pleasantness of a life of Torah and faith, according to the teachings of the truly righteous.

Grace be upon you, may you take utilize this power to grant the public by disseminating the flow of the stream from the source of wisdom, according to the talents meted to you by Hashem blessed be he, to uphold 'and the earth shall be filled with knowledge of Hashem just as the water covers the ocean' soon in our days, amen.

Your friend and admirer,

S. Moshe Kramer

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