Dust to Gold

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Rebbe Nachman's teachings on parenting
Among the topics discussed: The reason for having children;
how to answer children's questions; permissiveness vs. strictness;
how to inculcate morals; how to achieve marital harmony;
how to get the necessary strength.

תיאור מוצר



Rosh Chodesh Adar תשס"ט

"When Adar comes in joy is increased."

Endorsement from Harav Pinchas Rubenstein, Educational projects manager for teens, head of the "Ve'ahavta" organization.

To Harav Erez Moshe Doron Shlit"a,

Greetings and all the best forever!

I was glad to read your wonderful writings regarding education, I was impressed with your ability to take deep concepts form our holy Torah and express them in clear language that can provide practical tools for parents and educators in how to handle this confused generation.

As the immensity of the times so are the immensity of the issues we must contend with. We require expert doctors, expert metal healers who will show the way to understanding the difficulties faced by our youth, and how to help them connect to themselves and through that, to the master of the universe.

Your writings do target this idea and open many doors and deeper understanding, all stemming from the stream of knowledge of Rebbi Nachman zt"l. I am happy that I merited reading and learning many things from your Torah, May the creator of the universe merit that your springs should well forth until the coming of the righteous redeemer soon in our days, Amen.

May it be his will that the joy of Adar will cancel all harsh decrees and they should be sweetened from their roots and we should merit to come to the month of Nissan, the month of redemption, with great love between Israel and their father in heaven, And may he who makes peace in the heavens bring peace upon us, Amen.

Pinchas Rubenstein


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