Warriors of Transcendence

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484 pp.

A captivating fantasy, reminiscent of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy,
that takes the reader to a completely different world — which is, essentially,
our world. The battle between good and evil. The power of the individual to change the world. 

תיאור מוצר

Warriors of transformation

"The book belongs to the fantasy genre of literature, like 'Lord of the Rings', whose focus is on the battle between good and evil in a fantasy world with strange powers and creatures. The storyline is very readable and suspenseful. The book in unique in that it creates an entire world, with a unique network, its own history and geography, natural and supernatural forces, images and creatures, concepts and significances. I think you have created the first fantasy book whose focus is Jewish spirituality"
(Ran Lahav, Dr. of philosophy at Michigan University 12/08/2009)

"I have reviewed 'Warriors of Transformation' and I appreciate and understand your noble intention. People of faith such as yourself should be more active in the realm of of literature and art. I wish you success."
(A.B. Yehoshua, book review 2007)

"I recommend Erez Moshe Dorons book 'Warriors of transformation'. Am amazing book filled with depth, love, light, loving-kindness and good tidings. The book opened inner parts of myself and filled me with light. Anyone who wants to be transported and meet themselves should read the book."
(Leah Shabbat11/07/2007 Yediot Achronot)

"It could be said that 'Lord of the Rings' and much later 'Harry Potter' have exposed for the first time in a literary manner the yearning that exists in the world for fantasy and worlds beyond. Erez Moshe Doron pioneered this in the Jewish sphere. His books have succeeded in going through boundaries and are considered an international success."
(Olam Katan, issue 101, 10 Iyar תשס"ז)

"Obligatory for any person. The book is simply amazing. There is nothing like it. Fascination and internally changing at the same time."
(Eran Alfasi, youtube, 2012)

On second and third readings (without the suspense of what will happen and how it will end) I understood that the book contains amazing secrets that cannot be addressed with a superficial read. It is not just a 'fantasy book'. It's just a cover definition. Harave Erez Moshe Doron has managed, in his great intelligence, to incorporate in a very complex storyline, the correct way to live. Whoever delves- understands and reveals treasures. Thanks. "
(Olam Mufla, Simania website)

"I am not even going to begin praising this book, for the simple reason that I will not be able to finish. One of the most articulate, deep and moving books I have read in my life. I keep reading this book over and over. And like in truly good literature, I discover something new that I hadn’t noticed before every time."
(Noa, Simania website)

"I would like to recommend this book as one of the best books I have ever read…even though I am not a big fantasy fan; my emerging closeness to Torah pulled me to read the book and to realize that it is not a fantasy. From a neutral point of view the storyline is built excellently and is exciting until the last line in the book. From the religious point of view I'd like to add that this book opened many new and deep understandings in Torat Hachasidut of Rabbenu and in Faith. I will sum up and say that this is a book for everyone."
(Shachar Pima, Simania website)

"This book is wonderful! In the beginning I saw it and I thought it was just a long boring book, but as soon as I began I connected! It's not just a book, it's a book that affects the reader and carries him along to a wonder world of holiness and purity. A sight to behold! I think that's what the author meant when he said that. A very nice book worth trying out and reading."
(Dandush, Simania website)

"An excellent book, behind every detail is a deeper meaning; it's worth reading and delving into. Recommended!
"(Shakush, Simania website)

"The most amazing book authored by a charedi writer!! I recommend the book that Erez Moshe Doron has published! A science-fiction book written in 'general' language but with deeper messages. Flowing, deep, fascinating and unique! There is no such book in the religious or charedi jargon. Highly recommended for all fantasy lovers!
(Bechadrei charedim website, 2007)

"Astounding, original and deep. Not a light read, more philosophical and thought-provoking. Warmly recommended for all those higher souls, lovers of lyrics and lovers et al. I purchased.
(Algorithm, Bechadrei charedim website, 2007)

"Highly recommended. A must-read in every home. The book is beautifully written, picturesque and deep. While reading the book I got many strengthening insights. I enjoyed it very much and cried when I finished. Now I'm reading 'Wings'. The writing in very deep and pretty, thank you."
(Ziva, Esh HaTorah website, 2011)

"After a few attempts to keep reading and after a conversation with a friend, I suddenly was enlightened, now! This is the time to begin reading, to listen, pray and choose life. May we merit to be of the warriors-dreamers of transformation. Then our mouths will be filled with laughter."
(Esh HaTorah website 2011)

"Anyone who hasn't read it yet should run read it!!! It's simply amazing!!!"
(Bibi Esh HaTorah website 2011)

"I'm a fan of this book!!! A must for everybody."
(Arutz 7 website, 2011)

I also feel that this book has everything we need in this generation. Depth, bravery, beauty, love, hope. Have you not yet read it?"
(Alona Brill, 1/20/2009 Beni Akiva Yeshivot website)

"It's not just deep. It simply has tools. I use the things that are written there as a way for inner work. And the outside reality changes accordingly. Where did such forceful inspiration come to this world???"
(Eden 5/13/2009 Beni Akiva Yeshivot website)

"The author touched the deepest layer inside me, and made a good change, thanks to Hashem."
(Adi 7/3/2009 Beni Akiva Yeshivot website)

"Totally recommended!! I read it straight through, different than anything else, I completely agree that you can connect to the characters very easily and it's really fun. Even if you do not connect to the teachings of Rebbi Nachman will find his place there! It's part of the books uniquness, it suits everybody!! Enjoy!
(5/8/2007 Kipa website)

"As usual, his words speak to the deepest and most hidden place of the spirit. Thanks!"
(5/9/2007 Kipa website)

"The book is brilliant, enters the heart and encourages to be better…to be a warrior of transformation."
(5/9/2007 Kipa website)

"Finally a book with adventure, story, and fantasy that is also a faith book! A few more books like this and the redemption will arrive sooner…I am still in shock from the book, from the combination of a fantasy book with a faith book. Warmly recommend to everyone, such a book needs to be studied also as a faith book for all intents and purposes."
(6/6/2007, Kipa website)

"I bought it and I recommend buying not borrowing, this is a book that can accompany you for life, can provide inspiration for positive, constructive thoughts, can take you from the darkness to great light, a treasure for the recesses of the spirit. Very effective!! You will enjoy it
. (Efrat 24/03/2008 Kipa website)

"Simply amazing."
(Oren 5/8/2009 Stimatzky website)

"Totally awesome."
(Adam 18/07/2011 Stimatzky website)

"A very nice book, inmy opinion makes Israel proud."
(21/11/2007 Anima website)

"An amazing book, way beyond other fantasy books, including spiritual ones. A detailed and very beautiful allegory about the reality of the world and our spirits, sheds light on the image of truth in each and every one of us- Our battle with evil, our journey towards good. I read it eagerly and with heartfelt joy."
(Ben Yishai, 12/01/2009 Namesta website)

"The good and evil in 'Warriors of Transformation' represent the good and evil within each of us. These are not stereotypical, flat good an evil. They are intertwined like thread. The evil attempts, as always, to gain power and control. The good, in comparison, attempts to help everybody, to fill the reality and the lives of all people with good. Anyone who tries to increase the good within himself becomes a servant of the higher good, outside the world of people. Anyone who allows evil to take over becomes, against his will and welfare, a servant of the basic and ancient evil in the world.

The end of the world, as it appears in the vision of 'Warriors of Transformation', is the victory  of the simple folk and their pure desires, over evil conspiracies that destroy the world. Like a child that goes through puberty, the human race is also capable of existing on  a higher plane, where both an inner and outer change can take place, both in people and their world and in the entire existence of the creation.

Most heroes posses supernatural powers or unusual talents. In 'Warriors of Transformation' the heroes are the common everyday people. Those who are sure that their acts and wishes are unimportant, and insignificant. Turning them into heroes gives hope and vision to their counterparts on this earth, who also think that their lives are too small to have any significant effects.
(Tzalai 4/8/2009 Namesta website)

"A mighty book. Everything you wanted in fantasy literature spiced with Jewish aroma. A great message, power and truth. Run read it."
(Mati 18/07/2007 ynet)

"As someone who has been playing Dragons and Dungeons for years and had read hundreds of books (not an exaggeration!), Erez Moshe Doron's new book 'Warriors of Transformation' is powerful! What the charachterz go through happens to each and every one of us. It leads us to the realization that the world could be better and more beautiful. A day will come when that will depend only on us. The world will be filled with love and peace, not with hatred and wars. Each person needs to make a small change within himself and the world will become a better place! Run buy the book for yourself, for your friends, for your parents or for anyone you love."
(Mor 18/07/2007 ynet)

"Truly astounding. In the beginning I didn’t believe people who said it was good. I didn’t think a charedi could write something more than incitement or religious coercion. But after I ended up reading it, I saw that religion is not as outdated as I had thought. I became closer. I feel like a different person. A must have for every home. It has already swept away my entire family. I am shocked!!!
(Asi Tal Hertzeliya Ynet)

"The book is warmly recommended to anyone with inner struggles, who are seeking the way, and who love to read. This book is amazing, the combination of a story and faith, imagination and reality, light and darkness. In short, a recommended book. I'm still spinning from reading it."
(6/7/2007 Besheva website)

"Undoubtedly one of the books of the times of the Messiah. The book opens a window into the understanding of the powers of the spirit and gives hope. I personally recommended it to some people who are dear to me. And the dough can stand witness to its baker. Rav Erez is an elevated persona who one can learn much from. A worthy vessel of the holy Torah of Rebbi Nachman ze"ah."
(Yaeli, Holon 3/2/2009 Besheva website)

"Our generation is tired of over respect for human intellect. It is thirsty for romance and magic. It seeks a deeper and more mystical approach to life, but is reluctant to admit it. As soon as something is defined as 'fantastic' it becomes legitimate. 'Warriors of Transformation' describes on the one hand the occurrences in a fantasy world. On the other, it describes what occurs in each of our lives and provides tools, in the inner spirit of Torah, to deal with what we contend with."
(Ynet, culture column 12/8/2009)

"In the media they call it the 'charedi Harry Potter'. In the big book stores it is being sold at an unprecedented rate. It's called 'Warriors of Transformation' and it's a new Israeli fantasy book that was, quite unbelievably, written by a charedi rabbi. Harav ErezMoshe Doron has published until now a long list of Jewish books, but this is his first work of fiction. It did not impede him form selling ten thousand copies in the first three months and to garner excited reactions from readers on the full spectrum of Israeli society."
(21/12/2008 Esh website)

"The magic in this book is in the ability to translate the book and it's meaning to the moral, to the familiar existence, and to draw from it educational foundations, advancement methods, tools for combating the outer evil and in the end, the building of an inner me, through the fantastic wrapping of the characters and their description."
(12/08/2009 Kipa website)

"Until now we did not have a rabbi who also wrote a full length fantasy novel, Until Rav Doron, a respected Breslov teacher, did it in style. His range is proof of this: one month after publishing 'Warriors of Transformation', there is talk of turning it into a Hollywood production, no less. His writing style, which is very visual, will lend itself easily to this. The author was already interviewed on the 'London and Kirschenabaum' TV show. On the cover of the book is a sympathetic blurb from A.B. Yehoshua."
(6/6/2007 Besheva)

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